A project created in collaboration with artist collective Heavy Duty and commissioned by the West-Australian Forest Alliance.
Concealed behind a thin veil of trees along West Australian highways, over 10-football fields of WA native forests are being logged and cleared everyday.
West Australians aren't aware this deforestation is happening right on their doorstep and therefore it's not on the Premier's agenda.
So over the Easter period when these highways were at their busiest, we installed some new signs to bring awareness to this hidden issue.
The signs drove witnesses to contact the Western Australian Premier putting pressure on him to stop the chop.

We began by erecting our own signs.
And Western Australians took notice.
Then shortly after, Mark McGowan, the Western Australian Premier announced this.
And by September, he had taken action.
Huge shoutout to the Heavy Duty crew for making this project happen. Native logging has long been an ongoing
battle with the WA government and it was a privilege to be able to do something about it. 
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