Awarded top WA student for AWARD School 2016.
Client: Banana Boat
Product: Banana Boat SPF 50+ Sunscreen
Media: Poster/Outdoor
Target: Outdoorsy people
SMP: Spend more time in the sun
Client: Fin
Product: Electronic cigarettes
Media: TV
Target: Cigarette smokers
SMP: Get your life back.
Client: Tefal
Product: Non-stick pans.
Media: Radio
Target: Anyone who cooks.
SMP: Nothing sticks.
Client: Fitbit
Product: Fitbit
Media: Digital
Target: Health conscious
SMP: The best way to track your fitness.
Client: Australian Government
Product: Alcohol & Violence Awareness
Media: Digital
Target: Young males
SMP: One punch can kill.
Client: Duracell
Product: Duracell Quantum Batteries
Media: Promo/experiential
Target: Anyone who uses batteries.
SMP: Duracell Quantum Batteries last longer than any other battery.
Client: Sony Mobile
Product: Xperia
Media: Any
Target: Aged 25 - 55
SMP: Do more than you thought possible.
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