Lauren is an Art Director based in Melbourne.
She grew up in Perth where she spent her childhood exploring remote beaches in the South West and absorbing a lifetimes worth of vitamin D. This was both a blessing and a curse–she now has extremely high expectations for beaches and a permanent vitamin D deficiency.
In 2016 Lauren graduated as the top Award School student in WA kickstarting her career in advertising. She spent two years honing her skills in Perth before hopping across the pond to Melbourne where she’s been working at VMLY&R Melbourne ever since.
Lauren is passionate about ideas that are memorable, behaviour changing and irreverent. So far her work has been recognized both locally and internationally. She’s worked across clients such as Monash University, The Australian Defence Force, PTV and the Road Safety Commission to name a few.
Things she lives for:
- A 25 degree sunny day with a light easterly.
- Plotting ways to defend her vegetables from local truants (possums).
- Wandering aimlessly around galleries and museums.
- Being outdoors–hiking, scuba diving, camping, trying to surf.
- Very good dips with very good bread.
- Working on creative projects with friends.
- Knowing more than she should about submarines. Please don't ask, it's classified.
Reach out at, ideally with strategies to confuse possums.